Summer camp is a formative experience in girls' lives, where they can build their leadership skills and challenge themselves to try new things, all while supported by a trained and empathetic team of staff. 

Girl Scout Camp is for every girl!  

At our camps you'll make new friends, develop skills and enjoy new experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Programs are available for girls entering grades 2-12 in the fall.

Our Day Camps give you the chance to experience all the fun of camp, while still coming home at night. In our multi-day sessions, your days are brimming with enriching, engaging and exciting programs that will challenge your body and mind.

With our Resident (Overnight) Camps, you can spend a few days away from home while discovering a new environment. You'll gain independence, hone new skills and create lasting friendships, all while forging a deeper connection with the surrounding environment.

"Just so I remember next year don’t worry about making friends, everyone is so fun, I made a lot of friends."

-- Camper

"Cassandra LOVED Canoe Crazy! I don’t think we are picking up the same girl. She is WAY too happy!"

-- Camp Parent

Theme Weeks at Camp

Pirates! Hogwarts! Outer space! Just when you thought camp couldn't get more exciting, then there were theme weeks! Every week at camp has a different theme, which is reflected in the programming, camp-wide activities and themed meals for all the Classic, Specialty, Horse and Leadership programs that week.

Don't worry, you'll still get the whole camp experience- themes just add another layer of fun! Each camp has its own theme week schedule, so check out the different camps to learn more about their planned themes: Camp River Ranch, Camp St. Albans and Camp Robbinswold.


Whether you want to find the perfect camp or just want some help, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Meet Our Staff

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff are part of what sets our camps apart. Learn more about our camp staff here.


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