Our Camp Rates And Tiered Pricing

We believe that every girl, regardless of financial circumstances, should have the opportunity to experience camp. While the costs to maintain camp properties and produce camp programming continue to rise, families have differing abilities to meet those costs.

To keep camp affordable for all families, we've adopted a voluntary tiered pricing structure. Tiered pricing gives each family the opportunity to choose the pricing option that works best for them. All campers will have the same experience regardless of which price the family can afford.

The tiered pricing breakdown:

Tier A: The actual cost for each girl to attend camp, including costs like program supplies, staffing, food and maintenance costs.

Tier B: The partially subsidized cost of camp, for families that can pay a little more than our traditional fees, but not the actual cost of camp.

Tier C: Our traditional, standard camp fees, which are much lower than the true cost of camp. These rates are subsidized through fundraising, special events and the hard work of Girl Scouts during the Girl Scout Cookie Sale. 

Each camp program has pricing for all three tiers. Check out the camp programs available this summer, and choose the tier that is best for you and your family.


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Please review our website for details on Cookie Dough Rewards and how to use them for summer camp.

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