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At Girl Scout Camp Robbinswold, Camp St. Albans and Camp River Ranch, we are looking for staff who are excited about helping girls grow strong! We focus on six program areas to give girls the opportunity to improve their skills along with learning more about themselves: Art, Nature, Water, Trips, Leadership and Horses. 

Why Work at Girl Scout Camp?

Great Compensation & Time Off

  • We offer competitive pay ranging from $1600-$5000 depending on position. You get 36 hours off each week, plus one mid-summer break for resident camp staff. Day Camp staff work Monday-Friday. Medical insurance is also provided if you become ill during your time at camp and we offer three days of paid sick leave.

Career Development Opportunities

  • A full week of training kicks off the summer with additional opportunities to learn new skills, develop leadership abilities, receive coaching and mentoring and develop training and presentation skills.

Amazing Adventures

  • There are many opportunities to pursue overnight and day trips. Take a canoe or kayak trip, take a llama and bicycling trip, or just do an old fashioned day hike and cookout.

Committed Community

  • Everything we do is focused on helping girls grow strong, building a safe community and having fun. We are committed to leave no trace, composting and other environmental principals. Community is an intangible benefit of Girl Scout camp, but it's the most important one!

Assistant Camp Director

$300 -$355Assist with daily camp operations. Supervise and evaluate camp operations staff including kitchen, health, and business staff. Supervisory, administration, and camp experience required. (Min. age 21 yrs) (Robbinswold& St Albans Only)
Program Director​$300 -$355
​Oversee development and implementation of camp programs. Supervise and support Program Specialists.  Supervisory, administration, and camp experience required. (Min. age 21 yrs)

Camp Business Manager

​$255-$300Camper paperwork, answer phones, parent emails and distribute mail daily.
This position will provide primary contact between council office and camp.
This position will also serve as a counselor and back up other positions as needed. (Min. age 18 yrs or HS graduate)

​​Leadership Coordinator

​​Supervise, support, and regularly review and provide feedback to both CIT/WIT Leaders and high school interns in resident camp. Ensure a high-level Leadership program for all high school aged campers in Leadership programs.
(Min. age 21 yrs) (River Ranch Only)

CIT or WIT Leader

​​$215-$300​​The CIT/WIT Leader, working with support from the Leadership Coordinator and Riding Director, works with teen  girls ages 15-17 in two levels of the Leadership Program. The CIT/WIT Leader plans and executes age appropriate activities to guide young women into becoming excellent . (Min. age 21 yrs)
Leadership Counselor​$200-$255​​
Work with CIT or WIT Leaders to plan and implement Counselor-in-Training and Wrangler-in-Training programs for High School age girls interested in learning the principles of camp counseling and leadership.
(Min. age 21 yrs) (Wrangler-in-Training River Ranch Only)

Trip Leader​​$200-$300​​Guides the campers in a progression based wilderness experience, while keeping safety a priority. Plans and carries out the Wilderness Leader program.
(Min. age 21 yrs)
Waterfront/ Horse Directors​$255-$300Work with and supervise Lifeguards or Wranglers. Schedule and plan program with Unit Staff. Ensure health and safety standards are being met. (Min. age 21 yrs)
Media Specialist$200-$255
​​Manages Camp media, social networking and camp newsletter. Must be familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Publisher, and basic computer software. Experience with photography and media design preferred.
(Min. age 18 yrs and graduated H.S.) (St. Albans & River Ranch Only)

​ ​Program Specialist$200-$255
​​Develop and implement program within your specialty area. Work with Unit Staff to provide quality program in your area of specialty. Knowledge, experience and relevant certifications required. Specialists are needed in the following program areas: Art, Waterfront, Nature. Archery, Challenge Course, Climbing Wall, Biking, Garden. (River Ranch only) and Horses (River Ranch and St. Albans only) (Min. age 18 yrs or HS graduate)

Unit Coordinator​​$255-$300​Supervise and support Unit Counselors. Support unit staff in ensuring that every camper has a safe, exciting, learning-filled experience at camp.  Cover breaks and program areas as needed. (Min. age 21yrs) (River Ranch Only)
Unit Leader​$215-$255​​
Supervise and support 2-4 Unit Counselors. Work with unit counselors to provide quality program for a group of 12 to 24 campers. Coordinate scheduling, time off and overall unit activities. Camping, leadership, and youth experience desired.
(Min. age 21yrs) (Robbinswold &St. Albans Only)

Unit Counselor

$200-$255Work with other counselors to provide quality program for a group of 6 to 12 campers. Have enthusiasm for working with campers and a willingness to learn counseling skills. (Min. age 18 yrs and graduated H.S.)
Child Transportation Program Leader
$200-$255​​​Supervise children on daily rides to & from camp.  Ensure rider safety, engage children in songs &games while riding the bus Mon-Fri. While at camp, assist with arts, nature, or drama in the Day Camp.  Midday meal & break provided.
(Min. age 18 yrs or graduated H.S.) (River Ranch Only)

Health Supervisor

​​$300-$400​​Oversee health and safety of campers and staff. Manage health house operations. RN preferred. (Min. age 21 yrs)
​​Health Supervisor Assistant​$200-$255​Assist Health Supervisor in dispensing medication, applying first aid and record management. (Min. age 21 yrs)

Food Service Supervisor

​​​Manage food service operations, plan and prepare meals. Supervise kitchen staff. Experience in quantity cooking, kitchen management and supervision required. (Min. age 21 yrs)

​​Head Cook

​$450-$600​Manage food service operations, plan and prepare meals.Supervise kitchen staff.
Experience in quantity cooking,kitchen management and supervision required. (Min. age 21yrs)


$10.25/hr​Assist in managing food service operations and meal preparation.  Take primary responsibility for special diets, vegetarian meals and packouts. Knowledge and experience in quantity cooking preferred. (Min. age 18 yrs o rHS graduate)

Kitchen Assistant

​​$9.47/hr​​Assist in kitchen with meal prep and serving. Wash dishes and enjoy camp on your off time. (Min. age 18 yrs and graduated H.S.)

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Summer Schedule

Camp River Ranch Day & Resident Camp: June 7-August 16
Camp St. Albans: June 18-August 10
Camp Robbinswold: June 19 or 21–August 16 or 24 (depending on position)

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