We recruit talented and professional college-aged staff who have the skills, experience and maturity to be positive role models.

Our staff are passionate about working with girls and the important role camp can play in their lives.

Our Staff

Our team of camp directors work year-round to ensure top quality programming and support for campers. We recruit talented and professional college-aged staff who are passionate about working with young girls and have the skills, experience and maturity to be positive role models. These camp staff come from around the world, are subject to vigorous background checks, and participate in intensive, two-week trainings during our pre-camp season. Regular evaluations and continual coaching ensure that all staff grow in their professional development and job performance. Staff at Girl Scout Camp are hard-working, fun-loving individuals who strive to make every girl feel “at home” at camp.

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Staff Training

Curious about what kind of training we provide our staff? Click here to view a sample schedule for our camp staff trainings.

We also offer educational courses through the American Camp Association to most of our camp staff (1-5.5 credits), addressing core competencies prior to training.

Camp River Ranch
Jennifer "Smokey" Dickson

Camp River Ranch Director
(800) 878-4685

Jenn headshot

I've been at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch for the last eight years and am amazed and inspired by the campers and staff. A lifelong Girl Scout, I'm committed to providing girls with quality outdoor experiences fostering leadership and independence.

 Fun facts about Smokey:

  • I enjoy fly-fishing in the cascade foothills and clamming on the pacific coast.
  • I'm reconnecting with my sewing machine to create fun gifts.
  • My most recent SCUBA adventure was at the Mnemba Atoll off the coast of Tanzania.


Kim "Cricket" Brunskill

Camp River Ranch Assistant Director
(425) 333-4687

Kim headshot

A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, I attribute much of my success as an adult to childhood summers at camp. My love for being outside led me to earn an M.S. in Environmental Education, spending two seasons as a professional sea kayak guide and traveling across the country and internationally. Originally from California, I love the Pacific Northwest and remain passionate about connecting today’s youth with the beauty and mystery of nature.

Fun facts about Cricket:

  • I'm an avid bird nerd that can ID birds by sight or sound.
  • I'm actively seeking cricket figurines and doodads to add to my collection in honor of my camp name.
  • I enjoy repurposing everyday items into functional art.

Camp Robbinswold
Haley "Nerd" Peel 

Camp Robbinswold Director
(253) 798-5028 (August 27-June 14)
(360) 877-9246 (June 15-August 26)

I am lifelong Girl Scout, and a recipient of the Gold Award. I grew up in the foothills of Colorado, and spent a lot of time adventuring in the outdoors and attending Girl Scout camp. This is my 11th season working with Girl Scouts Outdoor Programs, and my second at Camp Robbinswold. I am excited to join the camp team with Girl Scouts Western Washington. What I enjoy most about camp is watching the campers and staff experience new challenges and push themselves to new heights.

Fun facts about Nerd:

  • I am a native of Tiny Town CO, a small mountain community in the foothills west of Denver.
  • I enjoy outdoor activities of every season.
  • I have a BA in Art education from Fort Lewis College. 

Camp St. Albans
Jessica "Toto" Carter

Camp St. Albans Director
(253) 798-5021 (August 16-June 14)
(360) 275-1040 (June 15-August 15)

Jessica headshotI've worked and volunteered with the Girl Scouts for over eight years. Camp has been a huge part of my life and development of who I am today. I greatly enjoy being outdoors, singing camp songs and trying new things. My favorite thing about camp is watching the girls try something new and being themselves. Camp leaves a lasting impression and every girl should get the chance to discover, learn and grow.

Fun facts about Toto:

  • I play ultimate frisbee with my local women's team.
  • I enjoy going to small town festivals all over western Washington
  • I have opera singing skills.


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