About Girl Scout Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills and develop a deep appreciation for nature. Our camps offer girls the chance to build healthy relationships with peers, work closely with positive female role models and build their own leadership skills. Camp empowers girls as they meet challenging goals they set for themselves, realize their importance in the camp community and practice environmental stewardship. Learning to ask for help when needed, to communicate effectively and to resolve differences in a positive manner are just a few of the benefits of coming to Girl Scout camp. Not to mention, having fun in a safe, caring environment! 

Every girl deserves a chance to camp! Our camps are open to girls entering grades 1-12 and require no prior experience as a Girl Scout. We believe that all girls, regardless of financial circumstances, should have the opportunity to experience camp and offer financial assistance.

About Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts gives girls access to life-changing experiences that inspire her to do something big. Our programs offer girls the opportunity to learn, explore and grow, taking on amazing experiences with others who share their dreams and passions... and who just might be the kind of friends they keep for a lifetime.

In addition to our vibrant camp and troop offerings, we also have programs in travel, science, girl leadership, anti-bullying and much more. If you'd like to learn more about the endless possibilities for girls through Girl Scouts, please visit our website.

We currently serve more than 25,000 girls in kindergarten to 12th grade, with the help of nearly 13,000 volunteers, throughout 17 counties in western Washington.

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Did you know that 22 of NASA's career astronauts are lifelong Girl Scouts?

Unleash your potential! One girl can make a difference.

Together, girls can change the world.


Whether you want to find the perfect camp session, or just want some help, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Our experienced and enthusiastic staff are part of what sets our camps apart. Learn more about our camp staff here.


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